MARA Technical and Vocational Division is accountable for developing and maintaining TVET educational programmes that prepare students for occupations important to Malaysia’s economic development.  These programmes are categorised into 12 different clusters and are geared towards the students of the institutions under its purview which are Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA (KKTM), MARA-Japan Industrial Institute (MJII) and Institusi Kemahiran MARA (IKM) throughout the country.  With the support of partners in education and industry, each programme includes the academic and technical skills required to be successful in today’s economy. Students who have completed their studies from these institutions may be able to launch their careers in a completely new direction by furthering their studies locally or abroad.

Institusi Kemahiran MARA was founded about 5 decades ago with the aim to produce competent workforce in keeping with the needs of the nation. Since its inception in 1968, IKM, then known as Sekolah Kemahiran MARA or also known as ‘carpentry’ school during RIDA, started its first programme in the technical and vocational field.  KKTM and MJII were later set up to run high-impact technical programmes.  This has indisputably provided opportunity for the bumiputera to upgrade their competitiveness through quality and innovative technical programmes with entrepreneurship being the core aligned with needs of the industry. Today, with 10 KKTM, MJII and 13 IKM spanning throughout Malaysia, 110 programmes are offered at 2 levels namely, diploma and certificate levels in various fields including automotive, oil and gas, mechanical, bio-medical.

The involvement of MARA in TVET since the 60’s and 70’s is deemed as pioneering technical education for industrial needs. Initial challenges include the changing of bumiputera youths’ mindset which gradually and successfully done through carefully initiated, planned and implemented programmes. At this juncture, MARA has to a certain extent achieved the set mission and vision for the development of human capital for the nation’s industrial needs.


To be an outstanding and trustworthy organisation in upholding the nation’s pride.

To shape a holistic TVET human capital with entrepreneurial values.


  • To be a leading industrial and technopreneurial-based MARA TVET higher education institution.
  • To shape a holistic and balance human capital based on R.I.S.E values (Religious, Innovative, Skills and Entrepreneurship)
  • To be a catalyst in industrial technology revolution to enhance competitiveness.
  • To establish sustainable and dynamic MARA TVET corporate governance.
  • To be an internationally recognized TVET education institution.


Building Talent, Generating Future.


Symbolic oval shape in gold

- A world class technical institution

Symbolic stack of 3 open books
- Level of education in MARA starts from certificate, diploma and degree level

Symbolic Gear
- Technical based college

Symbolic sparks and compass
- Technical field as a bright future

Symbolic 3 white lines
- KKTM offers programmes from foundation to the highest level

Logo represents
Sharing of modern technology | Futuristic Robotik | Confidence| Energy

M - MARA as the owner of the facilities and education centre
 J - Jepun as the source of technology

Logo represents the proccessing of human resource to obtain skilled workforce based on the latest and future technology industry

Huruf J Merah memayungi 1 i - Devote knowledge based on technology

Huruf I Biru tanpa dipayung J  - Graduates who ready to fulfill the needs and demand of the skilled and high technology workforce

  • Issue offer letters to successful applicants less than one (1) month from the closing date for online application and immediate approval for successful applicants for open registration.
  • Conduct senate meetings to endorse examination results 2 weeks after the final exam. 
  • Process payment to customer within 14 days after receiving complete payment vouchers.
  • Resolve appeals for student discipline cases within fourteen (14) days from after receiving the appeals.
Concept  And Rational Of The 'Cokmar'

This Cokmar interprets the mission and vision of KKTM, MJII & IKM with the embedded sculptured motifs of dynamic tradition. There are 3 components of this unique and innovative shape.


Component 1

The head of the Cokmar is in a dome shape to represent KKTM, MJII & IKM as an institution that focus on technical skills with the Islamic fundamentals.

Componet 2

The handle of the Cokmar is engraved and divided into 2 parts; one which depicts 2 levels of education, namely, certificate and diploma.The precious stones covering the handle of the Cokmar also denotes the success in producing visionary generations which will steer the nation through their leadership qualities.

Componet 3

The end-tip of the Cokmar reflects the development of knowledge and upholding of the traditional values and belief in God.



Vocational & Technical Division

Level 21, MARA Headquarters 21,

Jalan MARA, 50609 Kuala Lumpur.