Bahagian Kemahiran dan Teknikal (BKT)

Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA (KKTM) | MARA Japan Industrial Institute (MJII) | Institut Kemahiran MARA (IKM)
When does the application open for KKTM, MJII and IKM?
We advertise the application notice in MARA and TVETMARA portal in March and September every year.
How many intakes are there in a year?
What are programmes offered and their length of study?
What are field/clusters offered in the Academic programmes?
What is the age limit to pursue training at IKM, KKTM and MJII?
Are the full programmes offered Full Time or Part Time?
How do you apply for Part Time Programmes?
What are the entry requirements needed to pursue studies at certificate and diploma level?
What are the entry requirements needed besides SPM?
How do we check accreditation and equivalence for other certificate programmes?
What are the opportunities for IKM certificate holders to pursue further studies?
What are the opportunities for KKTM diploma holders to pursue further studies?
How long is the duration of studies at KKTM, MJII & IKM?
Does MARA charge any fee to registered students?
Do KKTM, MJII & IKM provide accomondation to students?
Does MARA give allowance to students?
What are requirements needed for student to qualify for this allowance?
Do students need to apply for study loan?
How do students check the application status?
Do students who reject offers by KKTM, MJII & IKM will be black listed by MARA?
Can students allowed to their studies postpone or change programmes?
Are students required to wear uniforms during lectures?
Does MARA provide flight tickets to students from Sabah, Sarawak to Peninsula and vice versa?
If students stop their studies without reasons except death or certain cases, will action be taken against them?


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