Beranang, 25 October – Dr. Gadjet MM Khidmat Sdn Bhd fightorobot created by ex-students of MARA-Japan Institute (MJII) emerged as a champion in MJII Robofighto Competition 2018 which was held from 23rd to 25th October 2018 in MJII, Beranang, Selangor.

Two robofighto created by this MJII Alumni put up a good fight throughout the competition to become a winner.

Who would have thought, the meetings that they attended in MJII Robotic Club during their studies could help them maintain friendship and interest although they are now working adults.

According to the team leader, Mohamad Hafizi Jumbali, that they were very thankful and had never expected to win this competition knowing that their team was not the favourite, and this win is due to a focus and discipline teamwork.

“Alhamdulilah, we are vey thankful and have never expected to win this competition. Good teamwork had contributed to our achievement. We were very focused and every team member played his part well in every match,” he said.

He added that the design of the fightorobot was created by Dr.Gadjet team. We are indebted to our lecturer, sensei Zainal Ahamad for his help in making our fightorobot more efficient

“We created our fightorobot ourselves and it took us less than one month and we really appreciate the technical assistance by sensei Zainal MJII,” he said.

Besides this, Hafizi said that the most important element in the match was to being read the opponent’s strategy and maintain “zero maintenance in a short time”.

Dr. Gadget MM Khidmat Sdn Bhd consists of Mishhak Munangin, Manager, Mohamad Hafizi Jumbali, Team Leader and members of team: Muhammad Darwis Rusli, Muhamad Shamsul Muhamad Zakaria, Aiman Ruzlan, Nik Zahidi Nik Azami and Abdul Rahman Abdul Samad.

In this competition, Mista Raider from MJII and ADTEC Melaka B from ADTEC came second and third respectively.


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