LabVIEW Academy

MJII, Selangor

Services offered by LabVIEW Academy

LabVIEW Academy provides curriculum package for courses that meet credit and short term course needs in MJII. LabVIEW Academy is a platform to acquire knowledge anda LabVIEW software skills. After completing this program, students will acquire knowledge and skills in using the tools and will have the chance to sit for the Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) examinations. Through LabVIEW Academy, institutions and student will be able to expand their social network with student communities, faculties/institutions and other professionals using LabVIEW applications.


MARA goals towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0)

  1. Industrial Recognition

Institutions will officially be given recognition from National Instruments.

  1. Industrial Based Curriculum

Institutions will get access to LabVIEW curriculum Core 1 and 2 which are specifically dedicated for industrial interests only.

  1. Industrial Standard Instruments

Students who will be exposed to industrial standard instruments will also able to use instruments from National Instruments (NI) to solve and explore challenges in engineering industries.

  1. Professional Lecturer

This LabVIEW Academy program can only be operated by experienced Professional Lecturers (Certified Trainer) with certified CLAD certificate.



Vocational & Technical Division

Level 21, MARA Headquarters 21,

Jalan MARA, 50609 Kuala Lumpur.